given half a chance
tomorrow will push up
thousands of blossoms
out of the dark
and earth will stage
the universe's
most magnificent
golden awakening


just being
    in a barbed wire
        thicket world
who with
    guns shout
        we love
is not enough
    to save a single
        in the northern
state of


somehow God is 
gone up
you say
can He 
time and time again
come and save
can He endlessly give
can he return again
to be a victim
and rise again
an ignorant people
simply stepping 
     on old wounds
who only say 
and come again

           Sunset Ballet

who can say what color 
    is the somewhere night
    between today and tomorrow
poets say a new sky blue
    pink perhaps is the hue
good night (almost)
    where soft white messages
    are written with fine brushes
    on moving orange parchment
    where cool breezes carry the
    percussive red interruptions 
    of the mocking bird of us
even man moves now slower
    than he did high at noon
    before he was brought to
    in the pointalistic
    painting of twilight
but even a good night
    brings a sunless dry
spell the world now
    with the ugly sounds of neon
    arches and sirens raging
    with dogs fit to be tied
    singing endless protests of
    the thief who took the sun away
    and causes the heart to
    pull up the covers alone
oft times it seems longer
    the distance of turning the head
    to see the same on the other
    side of the world
    when day breaks and
God is busy wiping all tears
    from our eyes

Poems 9

Thomas Luter

   Infant Communion

Cry little one
    without a notice of what
    is being put together again
Cry when the people cry for 
    pains to ease and 
    war to cease
Cry loud when you cannot
    understand why you are
    here today gone tomorrow
Cry until the little ones
    come to understand that 
Crying is for re-membering the 
Little One

              The Sending

in late august at summer set
God gently as God only does
    place all the necessary tools
    in his hands with the divine commission
go, work
    forget the world of people users
    of past tense times
et tu absolve
go chisel at the rough-hewn cross
    I have given you to follow
ora labora

soon you will begin to see
    a clearing in the center
    a mirror image and
seeing that God repeats certain miracles
    rejoice for another Francis and another
    also noticed the yellow Appalachian primrose
another once held a sparrow in hand
    wanting to breathe the breath of living 
    into the feathered lifeless limbs of flight
another once laid on a hillside cemetery and
    felt the heartbeat of lovers past
    side by side

walk on now with sure and certain footsteps
walk on as Simon with the burden of the 
    cross on your shoulders
walk on with the chain of holy love
    binding you and another and the Image
    breast on heart
    never to stand again on the dark
polar regions of loneliness


I awoke and saw the sun
through shafts of golden
wind wheat saying
Try it on the wind
Try it on the sky
So with upturned palms
of inturned hands
I let go 
and the Idea took wind
It fell then in a 
quiet-flowered field
and leapt again
and fell 
and leapt again
as the babe of a quiet
Mary leapt again
The whole creation began 
to sing an Alleluia in time
with the flow of the Afghan gait
and I myself began to know the
Why of wait