sounds like gold wind crests
    across an azure sea
warm beats that pound a heart
    in tune with harmony
pure strings alive with breath
    of poets past in need
together all in one create
    a symphony


  Retrograde Inversion

lo, lo
when I a child spoke
I spoke now 
and then without a 
wonder of how
I should
and it was the most
of a real someone
and I understood
(as a child)
but then again
groaning to reach
unattainable ages
I put clear away
smoking mirrors
dark glasses 
and love struck dreams
all through teens
brought me to a new
vision of infinite sets
of illusions
to an unending
    row row row your boat
    swiftly down the stream I float
    merrily merrily gently now
    life is but a how
low, low
a new low
grow, grow
lullaby and goodnight

Poems 8

Thomas Luter


poot it between
anone, antoo
lavel it to the 
    of making a 
be nine specticle
    of the

       DaisyMaker God

sit now among the flowers
    wild with yellow
sit there and love and pick
    and sing a song
make the meadow your playfriend
run and stomp and breathe
    a spring colored scent
    of a new calling
to be at peace with the
    single eternally fresh

       The 5,000

Bless this then sit
    it's easier down
Bless that then
    gather the remains
Bless anything then
    feed a few thousand
    hands outstretched
    across a starving ocean
    with the left overs
    from our gold copes and
    stained glass windows

    The Great Conductor

Search out a new song in your souls
    O ye people of dischord
    find the intonation of God
    in a canticle of deep peace
Look all else but here
    where only muffled cries and 
    broken heartbeats mingle to create 
    the cacaphony of the creatures of darkness
A musical metamorphosis presses 
    hard on the now time 
    calling on the dirge 
    the song of the Composer
Give in to the chaos which is always
    just before the beginning of a symphony
    and find yourself  one and the same
    as the song itself


Are we there yet
    Have we made the journey full
    well knowing that we will cry 
    impatient to arrive there
however we are
    slow to know
    that we all travel the camel 
    at our own rate 
But do we know yet 
    how this all really works
    the way, the truth
    the life saving health of our 
Do we believe yet
   in the possibility 
   that mustard seeds and mountains
    can move and men can
Do we love yet
    a neighbor who is not us
    a friend that we can trust
    a job that we must
Fulfill in our life time 
    a Job of patience
    knowing that we
    must arrive at
the place of the skull
Before we arrive