Our Director

proud to have put in 
    your heart beat
proud to have breathed
    every crescendo
you turn at the end with
    a wry smile of knowing
and bow to an audience
    with no hands

panic tears begin to cry
so quickly look into
    their eyes to see if 
    you touched anyone
only to find empty gazing
    sockets staring in the 
    distant void of
"did you hear anything?"

speak to me with no tongue
    either to sound an affirmation
    of touching

go off stage now
turn without a love glance
never to know if the sound
    of singing stirred 
    even one heart
even moved one to stop
    before making the 
Great Exit

Thomas Luter

Poems 3

               The Clown

excitedly dress me the clown
    up with a white costume
    and pink pasty hair
while others on stage sing
    I rehearse the once seen
    lines and fancy footwork
    that nods the head of 
    approval of those
who I love
    apparently has little 
    to do with it I find
when the curtain goes down
    a whole company taking my place
    center stage and the once pink
    heads now in suits
    laugh in disbelief - 
that was once my company in the 
Act of life


               Wall Flower

flower on the wall
    still hanging at a rakish yellow angle
looking lovingly with a smile

who thinks they know what that means
who thinks that a daisy even knows
what little portion of life
still breathes in a once-picked heart

is in the loving alone
the sharing of thoughts
in a soul smile together 

            The Lion's Feast

The lions say collectively
    look at that Christian meat
A steak a chop it matters not
    a sweet delicacy

They're flavored with a bit of spice
    and everything that's nice
They're soft and sweet but do retreat
    From even little mice

They do not care they do not share
    their huggings or a kiss
for they are very quiet
    'bout their blessings and their bliss

So sauce them up and flavor
    their skins so thin and frail
and ask them all to savor
    themselves as beef or quail

And feast on them the lowly
   a pushover for a quid
a burger or a banger 
    a lady for a bid

An easy dinner have you
    with all that's easy, pray
they do not want a blessing 
    on their most holy day

And eat them up for all your worth
    and fill yourselves full up
the Christians who have even now
     but all have given up

                  Final Curtain
stage left                                     act I

stepping off in anxious expectation of
    waiting trumpets to herald the
    arrival of the pantomime star
who is ready to sign the name of god
    or some other place in the clouds
who is first to take notice that a voice
    behind the quiet gestures cries
who is even there and where is even one
    trump to mark the beginning 
stage right                                  act II

         (intermission from the crowd)
for a cheap 25 cents fill yourselves
    with corn and artificial
flavor the confusion and the expectation
    with temporary satiation of a 
    hunger deeper than cheap fills
away from the noisome quiet
away from the show
away from the cramped quarters of sitting
    too close to yourself in the dark

up stage                                     act right
now that the producer has full direction
    of the show some
    scents of a blossoming life
do what must be done
do the lines as written
do the full production
the rest of the company
will come at the final 

                Dumb I

By whose authority?

Was it Caesar, John, Satan
    brought holiness to our debts
Was it healing, miracles, power
    sought disciples from their nets
Was it stars in their paths
    taught all of Love 
     and yet

Bereft of soul and thought
    Answer say I 
        priests and scribes
Demand say I 
    foolish man of bribes
       (Hoping to cause the Cause to
        pause and think I Am)

Dumb creature without mind or heart
Did once I do my part 
to show what I was taught
that God walked among us
But I saw him not