At the top in the best spot
   My Father, He is Love 
And Mother dear at His right hand
    as gentle as a dove  

And there is John and Peter, Paul
   Bartholomew and Thomas 
My brothers too who heard the call
    and made the holy promise

They line the dome, adorn our walls
   and fill our homes with beauty
They mark our hearts and ask us all
   for us to do our duty

And as I sit below the tree
   my holy family with us
I know they fought and know they taught
    For me and for the righteous

Remind me then why slow of heart
   you rail and rail against them
They are in Art your better part
    a gracious giving anthem

For all your love and all your life
     been given along the way 
 From birth to death and after life
    God grant us that they  pray  

for us and our bleak hearts of stone
   and short of understanding
and for our ignorance of One
    who leads the Holy Family

So know them well who gave so much 
    and kiss them as a token
And touch them dear with gentle touch
    Our Father's body broken


lo and behold 
two angels brought a Christmas tree down

down to one made of tears 
and feelings of alone 
feeling that the Christ 
might not come 
wandering if He visits 
abandoned souls missing a peace

wondering if he had done
wrong to the world 
and the special ones of his charge
doubting in his mind
is Jesus near here or anywhere 
especially where want of warm
hearts touch one another 
around the fire of love

but then 
the tree and the angel
and things of times past
pass in the night of love 

and come goodness 
and friendship 
and the Truth of 
the season of the Child

            By God

I thought today
by chance
the wind blew
soft nothings over
arid dry lands
I thought today
by luck
I heard the sweet sound
of Beethoven cover the
sorry of yesterday
I found today
by God
each was sent 
to soothe a 
humbled servant

               Third Man

one two three

both in step both in time
with the now set rhythm
with the One First Line

one two three

each has searched each has found
the Third in the couplet
the One Right Sound

one two three

together they pray together they see
between one there is nothing
between two there is Three


Thomas Luter

Poems 2

               What Sadness

Who knew what sadness rested 
    on the winds of blindness
Who knew that  Emmaus would reach 
    all the way to Bethlehem and our barren hearts 
    would whither from the long
    journey to the crib 

What gifts did we bring 
    or did we only take from the Child 
What good did we do 
    or did evil only name us his

Why did we not see Him as he sat with us
    loving, saving and redeeming  
Why did we not hear when our hearts spoke to us
    as we supped of the Lamb

Sepulchre shut hearts
    Stone closed ears
        Cold dead eyes of sin
            always keeping a stiff arm
            distance between the Source and
            those we call us

Then we sat 
    quietly at the table with Patience
And He said simply
It was all for love

The birth, the death, the grave 
The old, the new
testaments, covenants
strayings, savings
and finally

Our eyes were opened and
we knew him