Thomas Luter

                 Christmas 2014

Who is this man in red says He 
who in a crèche beneath the tree
lit by a star not marketry
of greed and pomp and trickery
I know you not 
away with sin 
bring back your King and enter in
the place that never saw such waste
of lavish gifts without a taste
of tears this day will leave my heart
for those who just remember part
the Whole who caused all else to be
The Hope 
The Love 
The Adam Tree
And now beloved sons of man
what force was it that took your hand
and made you go against the star
and led you off so very far
from simple love of God's good Grace
and run to win the empty race
of hide and seek eternal bliss
in thanks and praise of many gifts
The manger then was not so far              
as those new hearts below the barre
Who struggle up to see the Light
of that once 

                              Us Alone

As we settle at dusk we hold
     in hand the four fingered balm of Gillead
     trusting in the healing elixir of love
Of peace and hope in the resurrection of the dawn of forgiveness
We believe in the soothing powers of our Wormwood vices 
And sleep on the bed of the nails of atonement

We hope beyond hope that we can save ourselves
And hope that we are all we need
It would be so much easier that way
    to believe
    we will be forgiven for doing the same
    thinking the same 
    being likewise
    the same 
As our Old Testament brothers who wandered 
in the wilderness of their sins for eons 
    telling God they would be a different -
    three fingered tomorrow
    two the next 
but then again wondering why 
the Red Sea did not part for them 

Turning again after disobeying most of the Ten
And thinking that sorrow would mend 
     the broken threads of our pledge to God
         to be different than the forces of evil
         to stray from the wickedness of our nature
         to be the intended pure incarnations of
   Adam and Eve
Yet the we are trapped in the in eternal cycle 

God save
God protect us  
    from our ourselves and our constant 
     pledges that mean naught
     hold naught 
     believe naught of what we say 
Beyond the  belief 
     that we are sufficient unto ourselves 

Poems 12