It is Finished

It ended then and never will
be more to some than pay the bill
of heart and soul and promise made
be near to them that close the shade
between the heart that feels but naught
and the great gift of Love that bought
for them a chance of God’s great grace
a fair and lovely resting place

           Mia Dolorosa

I saw it clearly on His face
    a blood stained tearing of disgrace
The weary look upon his yoke 
    a cross a burden not a joke 
    of place or space of long spent time
    of giving, teaching God's sent rime
 A cold and empty word said He
    would warm a soul as lost as me
But deaf are we his long lost race 
    to hear it clearly from the place
    of Him who cared enough to fall 
    from up the cross to save us all 
So here we sit among our loss
    with hate and fear an empty troth
    full up with self and pity me
The soul who cannot love but Thee

Poems 11

Thomas Luter

A Lenten Triptych

               The Fall

Fall once and twice and three times more
of pain and death to tie the score
of deals made far past knowing who
knew then and now it all came true
When love bought life for us and all 
between the now and ‘fore the Fall
Was it known then that you would see
the Son of Love lost all for me