Thomas Luter


so this is death

gnarled fingers of the aged
half drop their autumnal 
colors on the cool earth
forming color prints on the 
once grey soils of yesterday


red yellow brown making green
the magnificent collage of 

          Family Man​

London; a man on the bus gave
    hand to the child who cries eternally
Tomorrow will wait to visit
    and so will I in Bulgaria
Teach me the African truth with large eyes
And wrap me a three year old
    with a blanket around Moscow

Somehow there is enough fish so
    tomorrow bring us all with the 
    help of each together
For we are after all One

      Check Mate

pick up the pieces
pawn your time on the 
knight of wonder
up one over two
across the whole
to death
do us 
part anyway
move a last
until one cries
all is done
when can't now 
even one move


    up and with no one get
    up and get moving
    up in the right direction
    don't lie
    it's time now to feed and
    do what must be done
    7:47 late again
    cause it to be right anyway
    and again
    more to give meaning
    to the 10:15 and the noon
    us a people who cared little
    and loved much
    so we say
    take a mid after day
    down where everyone else is
    do whatever else is 
    before someone again
    and stops you without 
    anyone who or 
    anyone knowing why
    but never matter it is
    a clock somewhere has 
    stopped long before sunrise
    without notice 
    and you become the 
    with half a day and much
    moving yet
    to move someone
    you too

         St. Matthew Passion

a seed
    a simple seed planted
no production
    no fanfares
        no songs of high thanksgiving
no lofty words of proper speak
    this way or that
just simply a week of passion
    a week of friend turning against friend
     of trial and punishment
    of prayer in a lonely garden
    of meal taking with bread and wine
    of thanks to God who planned all
        this in an upper room
then just another thief is hung on
    just another tree
a dismal week near Bethany

take this then Matthew one simple seed
    a time or two later and 
    co-create with Christ the
    message of the angels
make it something of monumental proportions
make it worth yourself in gold and
    speak with the word of man
    the breath of God

take this then Johann
    timeless centuries later like
    Matthew and Mark and
    countless others who made
    something of little
    much of naught
take the seed now and see what 
     you and Christ can do together
take these tools and re-create
     the Christ 
        the Passion
            the Thought
much is made again
much much more than the seed itself
reaching more
    inspiring more
        filling more
        the universe with the
        spectacle and wonder of the 
Passion of God

take this now all
    the seed built
    inspiration upon inspiration
    man upon man
take these treasures each with the 
    divine commission to share
    in the making of a universe
and soon in Godtime
    a company of believers
    will cover the earth with song
    and dance with high thanksgiving

and God shall wipe away all
    tears from their eyes

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