Christmas Prayer

Ho, ho, ho big fat man
    give me as much as you possibly can
I have a this and that
    but most of all I need a hat
I have a green and a blue
    and even though I need a new
This and that and everything

    else you will see
   no one lonelier than me

But move right on here and there
    pay no heed and give no care
Just give me things
    these and those
Line them up in rows and rows

And if you will and if you can
    just once
give me more     
    than you possibly can


           The Masterpiece

Think O muddled mind of man
    and having turned to God a hand
Raise up the brush and touch the Heart
    of that which gave your soul a start

Turn then a thin peculiar line
    into a Masterpiece of Mind
And draw upon the soul a face
    a song of delicacy and grace

And make O muddled mind of man
    the Masterpiece of God's own hand



four tea nights and
two day's pancakes (Shrove)
will with Wednesday suppers
all ways be more to those
than one Ash day
which begins the suffering
upon thee 
the barren and dry land and
arrive at the Good Day whose
soul purpose is to end
forever the
four tea days

Thomas Luter

Poems 1


There is very little sense there
     at least we think
    at least
 of things worthy of our
 never mind
visions of a talking man
    to the face he holds in his hand
the woman curled in anger
    clutching a nowhere self
one standing before a clear
    nothing image of her grooming
Hundreds hungry for even
     one to tell them
 Yes in a No
where worl
    is the care for
where world 
    is the love for
many wondering
    which belongs and 
who visits

             Silent Night

Of Mary, Jesus, Little Child
we pondered, prayed and gathered
and with the stars, among the Mild
we said, we knew, it mattered

Came man and God to us of old
among the chit and chatter
of the mean world and midst our fold
still is, and will, and matter

How cruel we think is death with birth
a part the deal, not reason
calls one and all on God's great earth
to join in Judas' treason

But little minds have we the men
to see, to care, to cherish
the plan salvation made back then
that He with us should perish

So still we are this silent night 

here in our place, the stable

of our lost hearts, our souls, our parts
we play at heaven's table

The meal, the feast, the banquet nigh
 draws us the hungry crowd 
who shout with all the hosts on high
Bless us, the meek, the proud