Thomas Luter

Scribbles - Four

Almost everything is theatre...... Saying the lines, being who we are not, painting our faces in images, acting like we aren't, and carping tickets to the sell out crowd whom you've duped  in to buying Standing Room Only performances of nothing.

If You would just make it a bit easier, I’ll be a saint in a day or two.  Now, hell?  Well, I can do that with my eyes closed - which is  usually the quickest way to get there.

In an effort to make it all understandable - which in itself is impossible - churches have stripped away all of the mystical, awe inspiring and sacramental elements that used to draw people away from the pedestrian, commonplace attractions of the “everyday of our lives”.  Looking for God in the Commonchrist churches of today is like looking for love in the streets. 

I can only strive to become what you think I am.  To become what I am not.

Why is it that humankind isn’t?​