Thomas Luter

It Is By God

God came to me  and spoke, saying that one day I would be able to soar on the winds like the majestic eagle.  That I would be able to fly.  

I knew that thing was possible but with God's help as I knew that all things are possible.   I  had been given a Divine Commission to co-create with God.  I ran to my  my co-workers and told them of my revelation - all of whom rejoiced in the power of the Omnipotent God who could make men fly. We knelt down and gave thanks to God and then rising, they  listened to how I was told that this could happen.  We took up our tools and began to fashion from the earth a flying vessel of great proportions. The work was not easy and we met with many seemingly insurmountable  obstacles.  But, at the end of each day, we gave thanks to God and asked for guidance.  Slowly, piece by revealed piece we fashioned a wing that failed or a wheel that didn't turn or a motor that was too heavy. But our spirits never failed us. We knew that we could fly because we knew that God was with us and it was He who was making the great eagle. Days became weeks and weeks turned in to months,  but our hearts were resolute and ever so slowly our minds and our bodies were given the strength to endure and the man-bird began to take form. Men began to see the shape of the new motorized flying machine as they began to believe that just maybe this could actually happen. 

Yes, the world laughed at us. Yes, I was scorned and rejected by men until finally on that wonderful day at Kitty Hawk we disciples gathered to launch our dream . And by God, we flew. 

Remember when they said:
"It would be impossible to walk on the moon" or,
"We will never find a cure for polio" or,
"Ride in a motorized stage coach - Never."
"Indoor plumbing -  a mere dream."
Imagine having all of the world's knowledge at your fingertips 24 hours a day on a 3X5 "pod"!  That too would have been an impossible feat, yet, we have it. I have it! I it hanging on my hip all the time. 

Virtually everything was at some time named, "impossible" and yet everything we have has become a reality.  Why then is the contemporary world so reluctant to accept the possibility of everything? 

It possible for there to be a Jesus whose very speech can whither the leaves of a fig tree or turn water in to wine, or heal the sick, or walk on the water?  Why are these any less possible than becoming a birdlike creature who can sail the skies from Tampa to Seattle?

But how can we Christians make them believe it is God in whom all things are possible and not in us who merely put the plane together by God's intent?  How can we make them see again the face of God in all things - even in the screen of the ipod and not in Steve Jobs whose death is remembered more than the death of God on earth?  How can we make them see that the spiritual reality is the real thing and that metal and bolts are things of the earth? 

Maybe the world's lack of understanding  is our fault because we have stopped talking in the language of God and the speech of  miracles. Let's re-word the miracles of "everyday" life and maybe they will make more sense to the non-believer. 

It is (after all)
by God
we fly.