Thomas Luter

Scribbles - Two

The marine forecast says that too many will be lost in the war and that the terrible waste will continue through the weak end of our lives. Alpha and Omega. 

Don’t you think that we travel much too fast and see much too little?  
Where have all the flowers gone anyway?

I observe that there are corrupt officials in high places and I, therefore, will avoid high places. I observe that there are politicians who strive for public office and for fame and fortune and I will, therefore, have nothing to do with politics. I note too that the educational systems harbor those who cannot teach and who pose a threat to supple minds.  

I then, will not learn.  

I see that there are hypocrites in a church which teaches against hypocrisy

and therefore must not attend or give to a church who fails in her mission.

I note too that I fail and, having given up all else must also,

with gnarled logic must avoid associating with myself.  

I then am nought. 

We can smell the dirt only by getting down, close to it. 

Though mankind has progressed, produced and reproduced his progression he is virtually at the ape-stage of understanding the Source of all things.  He can see facts but not from where they came.  He can use love but cannot tell what it is.  He can theorize  but theory  ultimately fails to  to define, analyze or classify the Substance of life.  Why does it take eons upon eons for the simplest of truths to stake a place in the hearts and minds of God’s highest creation? 

Do not be overly disturbed that you cannot understand it all.
 We can only comprehend those things that are smaller than we ourselves. 

Wisdom is not as catching as is the disease of ignorance.  

Perhaps one of the reason that wildlife is frightened of Man is that over the centuries,  his kind has exchanged  nature’s rhythm for an urban rhythm of life that is contrary to the  natural order.  Man’s primeval movement and pace once resembled the gentle flow of the stream, the gentle  tree-ballet  and the  slow, soft-padded footsteps of the the creatures of the forest.  But someone said “Up”,  “Yours should be a frenzied movement of wild electrical impulses. Yours is meant to be a rhythm of powerful proportions. You are meant to do things, not to be things.”  But the birds no longer understood Man.  We had exchanged the natural order for the fast metronomical pace of the 21st century.  But watch, O Man, very soon there will be an unbridgeable chasm fixed between us and what is natural , and creation will weep that man has left the Family forever. 

Reconcile yourselves to the fact that the mind and the heart have to cohabit the same universe.  

What happens when all of our bubbles burst and left is only the naked reality of the bare fact -

that what appears to be really isn’t and what never occurred to you is. 

God is well pleased just to be sought after, to be offered what ever we have at the moment, and to be loved. The act of self oblation regardless of our worthiness or our combination of particular words in our prayers

is sufficient to erase all and to provide a fresh start to our tomorrows.  

Why is that we think that religious experiences have to lead somewhere else when, if they are real,  they in themselves contain the Reason?  Why search for the pot at the end of the rainbow when the rainbow is sufficient to itself?  

Let us be glad in the present moment.  

It seems at times that everything is just too big for its container - almost like the beginning of time when solid matter exploded scattering specks of the beauty of God throughout the universe.  

The sunlight, like God is everywhere at once and yet capable of being focused as by a magnifying glass to be a concentrated burning force.  The Eucharist likewise focuses God’s force, power and love in one spot for a burning few moments to warm us weak and cold-hearted creatures.  It is the cosmic explosion in reverse. 

Loneliness is in the wait between, “I love you” and, “I love you too”.

We “become” so gradually that we are never aware of our changing until we are there.  It is a bit frightening that our evolution is finished before we even know it started.  It is, therefore, ever important to examine ourselves daily, to step back and take a look to see how we are different today than yesterday before yesterday

becomes the future and we are of a sudden, memories of how we were. 

You think things are bad?  Take a tally of today’s good and fill the book in one day and footnote it with a “bad” (or two) and you have the full scope of Love and its Cause. Multiply it for all of His-story and you have the

incomprehensible magnitude of the Plan and the unbelievable beauty of creation.  

So stop your whimpering, O Man,  

and pick up the other end of the spy glass to see clearly

how skewed your self conscious view of God’s world has been. 

Nothing is as important than this love here, this Presence here, this here.

Where we are being led is not a place but to a state of being, to a place as close as myself, a place as close as God. 

God is speaking to Moses right now on TV.  I wish it were that easy but I know differently.  I wish there were bushes burning without being consumed, someone here walking with a hem to touch.  

But instead, we are given to trust in Bach as His tongue and the chorales as His palette.  

We are to know that the crispy-blue hued sky is His touch and the innocent child his hem.  

Today’s challenge is to see the Theophany in all things good given to us in our time and in our place.