Thomas Luter

In His Image

He took care and he took time. 

As the great artisan, he fashioned an exact image of himself.  He called on the great philosophers and, with the clever footwork of the greatest dancers, he created a system of thought as the cornerstone of creation.  He took the mighty army of martyrs and apostles and had them act out the drama of redemption.  He then called on the prophets and had them foretell of all his wondrous works.

Having collected all the thoughts, sights, sounds and shapes that he wanted, he sat down like a child on Christmas morn and built his first image.

He was pleased and said, “Let us create the second image.”  Without a wasted breath he began talking out the second image.  He asked the mystics yet to be born to tell him of the properties of properties and having thus completed their task, they were sent to become one with the image of the second part. 

The third part - balancing on yet the first and the second - was created in much the same manner and also became part of the infinite depth that became infinity.  All was part of the fine fiberwork of creation. And it was good. 

Coming then to a high place he now recollects as heaven, he created the end in much the same way that he had created the beginning for, in the final act of self adoration, he took a rib from his side and finished making God in him own image.