Thomas Luter

Scribbles -One

Our command is not to change the Church to fit our image of what it should be 

but to change our image by the power and wisdom of the Church. 

We anxiously await everyone to fall in line with our expectations of what they should be.

Contentment with our brothers and sisters happens only when we finally accept that

we need to expect nothing but accept anything. 

Religion has become as uninspiring as light beer, instant soup and games played on a Sunday morning.  Now within easy grasp and complete understanding of every age and segment of society, the faith is nothing for which civilization can strive. It is background music in the elevators of our minds.  It has met us all on the corner of cheap street 

and easy way and there we are no more interested than we are in our other past times.  

The best modern empirical evidence for the belief in the Communion of Saints is that many on Facebook are talking today to their mothers who have long passed to another life. We should then, have no compunction in extending that practice to "speaking" to the thousands of the faithful believers who have gone before us. 
(I love you Mom!)

Adolescence is the process of turning inside out.

It is amazing that we, the big people, can be conquered by such small things.

On the contemplation of a falling star, I note that even the stars give up.

The two most beautiful points in creation are life and death.  Only then are things in proper perspective. 

When we begin to look down on people, we are below them.

No matter how many are around, the search for God is a lonely one.  

You cannot disguise the search by numbers of people or thousands of idle words.

In the end it is still a vast quietness between you and only God. 

There is only one greater time in life than when you are laughing with a friend....
When you weep together. 

Prayer is much like sleep, without knowing it you are there.

I think when I grow up, I will be a theologian contemplating the side of a Welch mountain on a distant time space - letting God write the books and poems and songs of a glad heart. I think I will work away hate and ignorance. And using the raw material of the human soul create a mountain worthy of contemplation.  And in the very mean while,

my seventy-year adolescence makes plastic toys and artificial playthings

of the imagination to fill the time between birth and birth. 

Religion is something you are, not something you say.

We are closest to one another but when there is nothing else but each. 

There is me and there is she. One clutches his martini, slippers and television, and the other stands on the empty, lonely spot where the home stood before the quake shook from her hands the play things of her heart. She cries,  “

O, God, why?”.  And I, with more embarrassment than a blush can handle, know that

it was the voice of God moving, beckoning me to drop the martini and the t.v.

and hold her before there is nothing left to grasp

and to reach out while there are still arms and to love while there still Is.

Each man is the keeper, not the master, of his soul.

Yeah, sure, I’m certain that today you had quite a cross to bear and that your suffering was just too much. It is rough, you have to eat hamburger, drive a five year old car and work hard five days a week.  The old TV is even losing some of its color. Let us pray to God to look favorably on us and ease our sufferings, trials and afflictions.  Why should He waste his time on the mid-East when my air conditioning needs fixed?

Humpty World sat on a wall, a very thin one between right and wrong.  And after the fall there wasn’t anyone who could put it together again.  But that really wasn’t true now, was it?  There was you and me and thee and all of the other fairy tales in the world.  There were the Beethovens, the Disneys and The Jesus.  There were the Dumpties who thought they were right and that they couldn’t possibly be wrong.  They kept telling us that there was no one or no where of significance.  They said that things were un-mendable that that things were only breakable.  And the doctor said there was no hope and we began to believe him.  And, there we were just sitting in the corner eating our curds.  They finally became right on the left. There really were fewer and fewer who could mend the fall and they began to gain ground because when you believe, all things can happen. So we put our trust in the princes of darkness and the light was withheld from us who were once able to see.   Requiem Aeternam.